Did you wake up this morning feeling guilty about what you ate over the weekend?
Maybe you ate too many sweets or had one too many glasses of wine?
Yeah, me too sister. And if you’re feeling that way, the video below is for YOU!

The thing is, when we over-indulge, we can wake up the next morning feeling all around MEH.
And when we feel physically off or ‘meh’ from our food choices, guilt can start to quickly sneak its way in and take over.
And while I am all for indulging – especially when you are indulging on something SO DELICIOUS it makes your toes curl – taking care of yourself after all the indulgences is equally important.
So, before you go down the rabbit hole of feeling guilty about your choices over the weekend, and before you find another diet or special 3-day juice cleanse to follow, there are a few simple ways to start feeling great without any extremes.
Today, I woke up feeling all sorts of bloated and tired. This weekend, I spent the weekend with friends in the mountains eating pastries, drinking hot cocoa, drinking beer and eating fire roasted marshmallows. Today, I can wake up after a weekend of too much sugar and booze not feeling guilty and ready to conquer the week, but two years ago I would have been consumed by guilt, rushing to the gym trying to burn off the “damage” and eating next to nothing.
That’s no way to live, which is why I want to share 5 do-able ways not to feel guilty after a weekend of overindulging.

1. Drink a ton of water

I know, I know, drinking water is basically the cure for everything, BUT hear me out — Our bodies are made up of 60-75% water and when we don’t drink enough, we get dehydrated, tired and head-achey. Drinking water after eating too much or drinking too much alcohol will help to re-hydrate your body and improve digestion. Herbal teas are also great.

2. Eat REAL, whole foods

One thing many of us do after a little too much food or alcohol fun is try to eat less and “be healthy”. We feel guilty so we try to eat less to compensate for overeating. This is NOT the answer. The problem with this is, many people tend to undercut and under nourish themselves, leaving themselves feeling super hungry by the end of the day. Instead of cutting back, consume real, whole foods all day. Include a ton of veggies, fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats and whole grains.

3. Get moving

Exercising and moving your body is a great way to feel more yourself and also aid in digestion. Movement increases the release of endorphins, which will also help improve your mood. Get outside or in the gym and do a simple walk, jog, take a yoga class or take a group fitness class. Exercise also allows you to really feel in your body — when we feel guilty about the way we ate or feel ‘off’ physically, we tend to disconnect ourselves from our bodies. Movement is a great way to reconnect with your body.

4. Try not to overdue it

If you’re exhausted physically and mentally from the weekend, try not to overdue it for a day or two. Get yourself to bed early, eat well and rest. Your body will thank you tomorrow!

5. Do NOT be hard on yourself

This is the most important one. I know how hard it is to NOT beat yourself up after not eating as well as you had hoped over the weekend. And I know how hard it is to NOT feel guilty. But here’s the thing — as much as we want to go back in time, we can’t. And beating ourselves up in the now for decisions we made in the past will get us no where. Instead of being hard on yourself, try to appreciate the food or drinks you had, and make the choice to take care of yourself right now. All you have is right now.

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