The media, diet books, fad diets, magazines with weight loss stories and extreme makeovers preach that weight loss is all about science — calories in vs. calories out, “bad” foods vs. “good” foods, counting points or eating a limited number of foods that are “allowed” while depriving yourself of the others. All of this information is downright confusing, overwhelming and leads most of us to believe that our body, weight and diet as something that is separate from the self. 

Add in the fact that if you don’t fit the cookie cutter image of what we’ve been taught looks “healthy” or “fit” (i.e. skinny, toned but not too muscle-y, big ta-tas, etc etc etc) we start on the downward spiral of not feeling good enough, thin enough, fit enough, healthy enough. We then turn to the diet books, crash diets and fads that frankly, don’t actually work. At least not for long.

We are all amazingly different human beings, yet the media and diet industry believes that we must eat, look, exercise and live the same way. I call BS on this, diet industry.

I was caught in this black hole for most of my life, as are many of the women I work with.

I never made the connection that our body and our patterns around food are directly connected to our emotions, our thoughts, our experiences, our life.

Everything is connected. 

Today, through my personal experiences and working closely with my clients, I know that everything is connected: our body, our mind, our emotions, our soul. Our thoughts affect our bodies. Our emotions affect the foods we choose to eat and not eat. Everything is connected. I deeply, to my core, believe this to be true. So much so that I want to scream it from the rooftops. Print it on a t-shirt. Post it on an inspirational Instagram post every day.


Let’s think about a few scenarios you may be able to relate to to illustrate this idea:

  • You had a long day at the office and instead of reaching for the veggies you planned to prepare for dinner, you call up your local pizzeria for a large, extra cheese
  • You went shopping for a swimsuit and even though you have been feeling great in your skin, negative self talk takes over and you leave the store upset
  • You’re feeling an overall sense of meh in your life, and can’t seem to pinpoint why
  • Your stressed at work and at home, and no matter how hard you try, you still can’t seem to lose weight
  • You and your husband have been fighting, leading you to judge your body
  • Your business isn’t as successful as you thought it would be, so you turn to food to comfort yourself and avoid this not so good feelings


Can you think of an instance where your emotions, experience, mood or thoughts impacted the way you ate or felt about your body?

My approach to health coaching is a little different than what you may expect.

My approach isn’t about counting calories or points, depriving you of the foods you enjoy eating, excluding food groups, limiting caloric intake, crash dieting, balancing your macros or preaching a specific, one-size-fits-all way of eating.

My approach focuses on nourishing your body, being mindful and feeling your emotions. 

Nourishing our bodies with delicious, nutrient-dense foods is a big part of improving your health. But so is actually enjoying the food AND having fun making it. As we work together, I will guide you not only in finding foods that make you feel great, both physically and mentally, but also teach you how to cook simple, healthy and tasty foods (while having fun doing it). I also will help you with food prep (to save you time), gathering a handful of recipes that you can pull from each time you cook and in gaining confidence in the kitchen (and while eating out).


I teach you to listen to your inner self — that voice deep inside your gut — so you can learn to trust the signals, cravings and desires of your body. Our bodies instinctively know what they want to eat to thrive, yet we have silenced that voice with over-stimulation (from that long list of sources I mentioned before) and our inner self critic (you know the one….she always has something nasty to say when you need it the least). I teach you how to tune in and listen to your gut, and how to start exploring your emotions and patterns around food and your body.


As we work together, you’ll begin to see these patterns in your life, and how they are affecting your physical and mental health. You’ll begin tuning into how you’re feeling on an emotional level, and uncovering the underlying emotions that are impacting your health and lifestyle. Because our diet and our relationship with our body is so much deeper than the food itself, we spend a significant portion of our time together exploring these different areas of your life.


We are all so different, and I’m here to teach you to embrace your uniqueness — whether that be in your food choices, your body shape and size, your passions and interests, your relationships, your career choices or how you spend your free time.

I believe that our health is deeply, intricately connected to our overall well-being, happiness and way we walk through life.

When we work together, you’ll:
  • Learn how to stop dieting, and really tune into what YOU want to eat
  • Rid yourself of the confusion around what you “should” or “shouldn’t” be eating
  • Become confident and have FUN in the kitchen, preparing simple and healthy meals
  • Learn how to listen to your true self to begin uncovering what is really going on for you
  • Know how to navigate and what to buy when you’re at the grocery store
  • Add a handful of super simple and quick recipes to your go-to meals
  • Feel great about yourself when you look in the mirror
  • Learn to (actually) love your veggies (I’m serious…it’s possible, and can be fun)
  • Create a self-care routine

What is a health coach?

A health coach is a wellness guide and supportive mentor who work with clients to reach their personal health goals. Clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves and what food and lifestyle choices works best for them. With the help of a health coach, clients implement positive changes to their diet, lifestyle and mental health to live a healthier, happier life.