Pancakes are by far my FAVORITE comfort breakfast food to eat on the weekends.

Below is my favorite Sunday morning pancake recipe, that I eat when I’m craving pancakes, but also want to fuel my body with a nutrient-dense meal. I love to eat this on the weekends before a workout, or during the week to fill me up before a full workout.

BONUS! These are good on the go! You can make these in the morning, throw them in a plastic baggy or a tupperware and eat it later in the day.

Chia Seed Protein Pancakes

Whatcha need

1 banana
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 egg
dash of cinnamon
pinch of salt
1/2 scoop (or 1 tbsp) protein powder (optional – can use 1 tbsp coconut/ other flour instead)

Optional toppings: pure maple syrup (check the ingredient list — a LOT of maple syrups have added ingredients — go for 100% maple syrup), berries, almond butter/peanut butter, honey…throw whatever you love on top!

How to do it

1. Mash banana with fork, then mix in egg.
2. Once mixed, add in chia seeds, salt, cinnamon and protein powder or flour.
3. Let sit for 5 minutes to let the chia seeds do their thangggg (they gelatinize & will thicken the mixer.
4. Cook on a greased (I like ghee, but any oil, nonstick spray or butter will work) griddle/skillet until fully cooked.
5. Top with maple syrup, honey, fruit, etc and ENJOY!

If you make this recipe, let me know what you think!

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