It is hard to truly put into words what Meagan has done for me and how grateful I am to have worked with her. Six months ago I welcomed my precious baby boy into this world and though it was the happiest day of my life, I was not prepared for the emotional and physical tolls I was about to face. My body was no longer one I was familiar with. I was constantly depleted of energy and at times I felt unstable mentally and emotionally. It was rough to say the least. But then Meagan came along and changed everything. Working with her opened up a new support system that I never knew I needed. She taught me how to understand my new body and respect it instead of being critical. I was able to learn how to slow down and appreciate every step of progress no matter how big or how small. My attitude towards so much has changed for the better and I couldn’t have done that without her. 

Amanda Dickson

Teacher + New Mama

Meagan taught me how to honor and love on myself rather than being so hard on myself. She helped me to change up my daily rythum in such a way that released an immense amount of stress…..She helped me to learn how to shop smart, on a budget, and appreciate food on an entirely new level. But most importantly, she taught me how to really slow down & “feel all the feels” “listen to my body” “take the whole body, mind, & soul along for the ride.” I reconnect with my husband & kids. I’m climbing & hiking mountains that l was always convinced l was too fat to do anymore. I’m posting live videos, pictures, meal prep pics of my own and people are starting to follow ME! ME DUDE! A stay at home mom who was such a hermit before and who’s now out & about walking 10+ miles a week. So l’ll finish by saying that yes, Meagan is my coach, l will forever follow her story.

Lisa Capshaw

Coaching with Meagan was about vulnerability, being authentic and genuine to where I am and where I want to be and she was right next to me, through all of that. It can be scary to put yourself out there and she made it so effortless to feel I could let down the walls to share what I needed to. She wholeheartedly listens like a really good friend would and every call was so diverse. From tips on how to eat more vegetables each day to learning the importance of how holding on to our past can collect in our body as inflammation…we really covered it all. At the end of each call, I felt a huge weight release from off my back and had new things to begin working on. While I am a coach myself, I know that every coach needs a coach and Meagan’s style was a fierce fit for me, as she always gave me honest, direct feedback that helped me to move forward and focus on the things that serve me. I came out of our coaching ready to move forward again and this time, with an even stronger foundation to do it for me.

Ashley Johns

Founder of Fierce Forward + Goal Coach, Fierce Forward

Meagan knows how to dig deep in a way that is comfortable and at my pace. She asks the right questions and gives me space to discover my own answers – which were in me all along! Meagan is talented at drawing things out and getting to what matters. Talking to her I’ve realized that health is so much more than food and calories and exercise. It’s much more holistic than that and about discovering yourself. Meagan is a great guide in the journey. On top of that, she has some mean roasted veggies recipes – who knew broccoli could be so good!

Amanda Grupp